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Help a girl attend camp this summer!

When a girl leaves home and enters the world of camp, she meets new friends and peers on even ground. As she sits around the campfire, rides a horse, tries ziplining, or even snorkels for the first time, something in her begins to change—she gains a sense of pride by facing her fears, grows as a person by learning new skills, and becomes stronger and happier by making new friends. She comes home with a spring in her step and a new light in her eyes.

Your investment will help girls discover themselves, connect with others, and take positive action in their communities. Our campers and Girl Scouts consistently rank camping as one of the most beneficial and important experiences of their girlhood. By going to camp, girls build lifelong friendships, try new activities, develop their self-confidence and self-esteem, and take a much-needed break from the technology and demands of their day-to-day life.

Will you be a part of getting girls outdoors in fun and challenging ways?


A gift of any amount will contribute towards keeping our camps safe and affordable. Gifts of $25 or more will receive this year’s collectible patch that highlights the new fire circle and amphitheater at Camp Bothin. We only have a limited number of patches available so don’t wait to donate to the Camp Investment Campaign!

Want to support your favorite camp? You can donate directly to Camp Arequipa’s Pool project, Camp Ida Smith’s restoration, Camp Hidden Falls repairs, or Camp Twin Canyon’s maintenance and upgrades.

Note: Only donations made to the Camp Investment Campaign will receive the 2018 campaign patch. Donations made to the specific camps will not receive a patch.