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Meet Your Camp Directors

From tide pooling on the Pacific Coast to horseback riding in the Sierra Nevada foothills, our council-run camps offer girls a welcoming space to take healthy risks, discover more about themselves, and explore the outdoors. But let’s not forget the dedicated people who make the magic happen each year!

Our Camp Directors are experienced Outdoor Education Professionals who are committed to creating a supportive environment for children and delivering an overall quality camp experience. Each of our directors strive facilitate extraordinary camp communities where participants can explore and grow.

Join the team and become part of the magic of camp! Apply today.


Arri DeJesus- "Pinto"

Director of Camp Bothin

Hometown: Valencia, CA

Her Camp Cred: I grew up as a Girl Scout and loved attending camp to learn more about the stars! This is my 6th season working in camp. I'm eager for the opportunity to connect with campers and come back to explore outdoor magic for another year.

Why She's Excited for Camp: I take pride in cultivating an inclusive environment where Girl Scouts can be their authentic selves. I am looking forward to Camp 2021 to see campers challenge themselves by taking healthy risks and growing into more confident and independent versions of themselves!


Kim Connon - "Hollywood"

Director of Camp Sugar Pine

Hometown: Taunton, MA

Her Camp Cred: This is my 15th summer working in camp! I spent several years directing and overseeing Girl Scout Camps in Massachusetts, and have been fortunate to experience working with other fantastic organizations as well. I’m so excited to spend my summers in the Sierra Nevada foothills embracing the magic of Camp Sugar Pine.

Why She's Excited for Camp: I love everything about camp, especially cookouts, swimming, and all-camp games. Most of all, I love that camp is a place where girls develop their voice and compassion, and that camp is a supportive and exciting place that facilitates growth, friendship, and laughter. I believe that the community aspect of camp is one of the most valuable parts of the experience, and I am looking forward to seeing all the good it does for girls this summer.


Kali Gabler - "Qwerty"

Director of Hidden Falls

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Her Camp Cred: This is my 8th summer working with GSNorCal camps. I went through the CIT program at Skylark Ranch and am so excited to be the Camp Director at Hidden Falls this summer!

Why She's Excited for Camp: It’s been a long year, and camp is the perfect break from it all! This summer, campers will get away from screens. They’ll reconnect with the earth and make connections with new friends. They’ll try new things as they grow in resilience and confidence. As someone who grew up at these camps, I know how important they are to our campers. I am so excited to help them experience summer camp again.