Summer Camp Packing List

Image of colorful backpacks hanging next to each other

Use our packing lists to make sure your camper has everything they needs for a fun camp experience! Please be sure to read through the lists and the tips below to make sure your camper is ready and prepared for their stay at camp.

Packing Tips

We suggest durable and inexpensive clothing— used items are better than new, especially when it comes to shoes.

We suggest that families pack luggage in a plastic tote or large duffel bag. It can be helpful to campers to pack complete outfits in Ziploc bags within their luggage. We suggest avoiding packing in many small bags as it is easier to miss luggage on outgoing days. Campers will help move their luggage, so please pack accordingly.

  • Please mark everything you pack with your camper’s first and last name.
  • It is helpful if the camper packs their own gear—that way, they’ll know what they have brought to camp and will have some experience in packing for the trip home.
  • All luggage must be clearly tagged with the camper’s name, address, phone number, and camp they are attending.
  • Use only luggage that can be securely fastened and do not pack your camper’s gear in a trash bag, as it can easily be confused for trash!
  • Bring a bag for dirty laundry. (Trash bags are not recommended, as they are prone to breaking when moved around camp.)
  • Dress for safety. Although it’s summertime, there are times when campers will have to wear long pants (example: on the ropes course), so make sure these are packed. We discourage tank tops so that we can minimize sun exposure. If tank tops are packed, make sure they have wide straps for comfort and durability.

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