Group of campers walking down path in woods

Camporee is a service unit-wide camping event where all the troops in the service unit camp and spend time together over a weekend, giving girls an opportunity to meet their local peers. They are run by by committee or a camporee director in each service unit. Adding a theme can help with planning the activities and help girls get excited about attending camporee.

How Do I Run a Camporee?


Take Event Manager Training

This online training will help you to prepare for planning and executing a large program such as a Camporee. You can find this training here.


Maintain Camp Out Training

All Camporee Directors should have Camp-Out Training. This training is available here.


Book a Camporee Site

You should select and reserve your camping location early. Since Camporee generally book out entire sites in order to have space for everyone, you’ll want to plan ahead. You can learn more about GSNorCal’s properties, along with some other great locations, here.


Complete the Event Notification Form

This form is required for service unit events and camping outings such as Camporees. You can find it here.


Plan Your Camporee!

Now for the fun part– work with volunteers and Girl Scouts to plan your Camporee! Consider the Event Checklist and think about ways to involve the girls in planning. Choose activities, themes, and more, and get ready to camp together.

Learn More

Not sure if your service unit already holds Camporees? Reach out to your Service Unit to find out!

Want to begin holding Camporees in your Service Unit? Your VSM can help; email