Our Camp Values

Group of girls hugging at camp

Camp is a community. The community of camp is unique; it is shaped by the physical, outdoor space of camp, the teambuilding nature of our activities, and the welcoming environment that we strive to create.

Your camper should expect to be immersed in an environment that:

  • Encourages personal responsibility: campers take care of themselves, camp, and one another.
  • Takes place in nature: campers learn environmental stewardship and share space with bugs and critters.
  • Is “unplugged” and focused on being present: campers will not have access to electronics.
  • Encourages self-exploration: campers try new things, explore their identity, and gain confidence.
  • Relies on teamwork: campers work together as part of a team.
  • Is respectful and inclusive: campers and staff strive to create a safe space and respect one another’s identities.
  • Nurtures belonging and the active practice of allyship: Allyship is the active way of life that allows campers to keep an open mind and heart about the lived experiences of others so that they can learn how to nurture equity, opportunity and inclusion for everyone.

Camp Culture Code & DEIB Guide

Girl Scouts of Northern California’s council-run resident camps adhere to GSNorCal’s Policy for Building Equitable Community for All. We ask that you review this document in its entirety. All members of the camp community are part of GSNorCal’s commitment to inclusive and engaging experiences for Girl Scouts and their adult allies.

Please review the full “Policy for Building Equitable Community for All” HERE.

In addition to GSNorCal’s Policy, the GSNorCal Camp Team has prepared the following Camp Culture Code & DEIB Guide to help better prepare campers, families, and staff for some of the unique questions, concerns, and opportunities for inclusion that come up in the residential space of camp.