Camp Bothin

Unleash your curiosity, creativity, and courage!

Fairfax, CA

Summer Phone Number: 415-453-5047
Member Services: 800-447-4475 or (M–F, 9–5)

Tucked away in the rolling hills and valleys of Marin, Bothin’s cozy tree-covered canyon offers a wide variety of classic camp activities, from high adventure courses to performing arts and everything in between. Bothin offers an incredible array of experiences: take aim on the archery range, zip-line through the redwoods, perform on the theater stage, or let creativity shine in the Art Barn, and more. Bothin campers can spend their summer days their way!

Looking to contact your camper while she's away? Our mailing address and emergency contact phone numbers are located in your camper packet.

Some Bothin summer attractions include:

  • High Ropes
  • Performing and Fine Arts
  • Small Animal Care
  • STEM Exploration
  • The Bothin Organic Garden
  • Songs & Games
  • MakerSpace
  • Swimming
  • Archery
  • Nature Exploration
  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Teambuilding

Bothin's Core Program is "Classic Camp"

When you think of summer camp, you may think bright sun, whispering in your bunks, and making s’mores under a view of the night sky. With this program, you will get the classic camp experience: shoot arrows, make art, and sit around the campfire with friends new and old.

  • Discover: 2 - 3 Grade
  • Imagine: 4 - 5 Grade
  • Explore: 6 - 8 Grade
  • Adventure: 9 - 12 Grade

Specialty programs may also be available. Learn more by reading the 2022 Camp Guide.

Camp Bothin has a variety of indoor and outdoor accommodations:

  • Yurts are a cross between a cabin and a tent and have bunk beds for 8-12 girls, a domed skylight, and screened windows and doors.
  • Cabins are uninsulated, outdoor buildings with bunk beds.
  • Dorms are insulated, year-round, indoor sleeping spaces with bunk beds.


Arri DeJesus- "Pinto"

Co-Director of Camp Bothin


Hometown: Valencia, CA

Her Camp Cred: I grew up as a Girl Scout and loved attending camp to learn more about the stars! This is my 9th season working in camp. I'm eager for the opportunity to connect with campers and come back to explore outdoor magic for another year.

Why She's Excited for Camp: I take pride in cultivating an inclusive environment where Girl Scouts can be their authentic selves. I am looking forward to Camp 2023 to see campers challenge themselves by taking healthy risks and growing into more confident and independent versions of themselves!


Rebecca DuPont - "Ruckus"

Co-Director of Camp Bothin


Hometown: Bonsall, CA

Camp Cred: I started working at Girl Scout camp in 2016 and haven’t looked back since. I love the welcoming community where campers and staff can truly be themselves and working at place where I feel like I’m making a difference.

Why she’s excited for camp: We’re living in a time where youth are facing real challenges that can feel really overwhelming. Camp is a place where they can reconnect with the best parts of themselves and be a part of a community that you can’t find anywhere else. I love to watch campers get silly, be themselves and experience that special camp magic at Bothin.

Transportation is not provided to or from Bothin—families are responsible for camper transportation to and from camp.


Bothin will be open for camper drop off on the first day of your session. Each group has their own check-in window, which will be noted in your camper packet.

The first meal served at camp will be dinner on the first day, so please make sure your camper(s) eat lunch before arriving for check-in!

Once you arrive at camp, you will be directed where to go. You will be asked to do the following:

  • Staff will direct you to park in a lot.
  • Park and put on your face mask and wait in the vehicle for staff instructions.
  • When instructed to, have you camper grab any medications & waivers and they will head to the health check tent.
  • Adults will stay in the car.
  • After campers have cleared the health check, a staff member will assist them in retrieving their luggage.
  • Campers will say their final goodbyes and join their group.
  • A staff member will come around to collect any camper mail.
  • Adults will wait until staff clears them to head out.


Campers will be ready to go once you arrive, and pick-up should take a matter of minutes. Bothin will be open for camper pick-up on the last day of your session. Each group has their own pick-up window.

Once you arrive at camp, you will be directed where to go. You will be asked to do the following:

  • Please check your arrival time carefully and arrive on time to ensure a smooth check-out process for all.
  • Park (must back in), put on your mask and remain in the car.
  • Have your ID ready. A staff member will come around to check it before releasing your camper.
  • After signing your camper out, a staff member will assist them in loading their luggage. They will be given their photo packet and any medications. At this point they can load into your vehicle.
  • Wait until directed by a staff member to head out.
  • If a camper has not been picked up within approximately 20 minutes of the designated time, camp staff will attempt to contact the parents or emergency contact listed on the health form.

If you have an emergency and are not able to pick up your camper, contact the GSNorCal office at 1-800-447- 4475 ext. 2091 during regular business days and hours (M– F 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM). If the emergency is NOT during regular business hours, call our emergency line at 1-877- 636-1912.

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