Camp Hidden Falls

Unplug from everyday life with adventure in the great outdoors.

Soquel, CA

Summer Phone Number: 831-475-5966

Member Services: 800-447-4475 or (M–F, 9–5)

Surrounded by giant California Redwoods, Hidden Falls is a 90 acre gem of a camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Soquel. Hidden Falls features a central meadow for sports and games, a new archery range, an eco-pond to explore, and an amphitheater-style campfire circle with a stage.

Looking to contact your camper while she's away? Our mailing address and emergency contact phone numbers are located in your camper packet.

Some Hidden Falls summer attractions include:

  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Tents, Hammocks, & Tree Beds
  • Sleeping Under the Stars
  • Woodworking
  • Redwood Forest Exploration
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Teambuilding
  • Creek Stomping
  • Waterfall Swimming
  • Eco-Pond Exploration
  • Archery
  • Tree Climbing
  • Songs & Games
  • Coastal & Beach Trips

Camp Hidden Falls' Core Program is "All Good in the Redwoods"

The ultimate camping adventure awaits you! You’ll get to sleep in a tent, or under the stars in a hammock or hand-tied tree bed. Master the art of outdoor cooking as you make meals over a campfire, on a camp stove, or in a box oven. Take a hike or try archery, sleep under the stars, and Learn new recipes as you practice your outdoor cooking skills! Learn about your new redwood home and build something in the woodshop. Connect with friends old and new when you get back to nature at Camp Hidden Falls!

  • Violets: 4 - 5 Grade
  • Sorrel: 6- 8 Grade
  • Ferns: 9 - 12 Grade

Specialty programs may also be available. Learn more by reading the 2022 Camp Guide.

Camp Hidden Falls has three styles of rustic accommodations, all with shelters and bathrooms in walking distance.

Tree Beds are lashed beds made from logs into supportive frames, and hung by campers.

Hammock Villages are store-bought camping hammocks hung in the trees.

Pop-Up Tents are traditional ground camping tents with camp mattresses.


Kali Gabler - "Qwerty"

Director of Hidden Falls


Hometown: San Jose, CA

Her Camp Cred: This is my 8th summer working with GSNorCal camps. I went through the CIT program at Skylark Ranch and am so excited to be the Camp Director at Hidden Falls this summer!

Why She's Excited for Camp: It’s been a long year, and camp is the perfect break from it all! This summer, campers will get away from screens. They’ll reconnect with the earth and make connections with new friends. They’ll try new things as they grow in resilience and confidence. As someone who grew up at these camps, I know how important they are to our campers. I am so excited to help them experience summer camp again.

Transportation is not provided to or from Hidden Falls—families are responsible for camper transportation to and from camp.


Each group has their own check-in window, which will be noted in your camper packet.

The first meal served at camp will be dinner on the first day, so please make sure your camper brings a sack lunch for the first day!

Once you arrive at camp, you will be directed where to go. You will be asked to do the following:

  • Staff will direct you to park in a lot on Olsen Road. After everyone has gathered a camp vehicle will lead everyone the rest of the way into camp.
  • Park and put on your face mask and wait in the vehicle for staff instructions.
  • When instructed to, have you camper grab any medications & waivers and they will head to the health check tent.
  • Adults will stay in the car.
  • After campers have cleared the health check, a staff member will assist them in retrieving their luggage.
  • Campers will say their final goodbyes and join their group.
  • A staff member will come around to collect any camper mail.
  • Adults will wait until staff clears them to head out.


Hidden Falls will be open for camper pick-up on the last day of your session. Each group has their own pick-up window.

You will be asked to do the following:

  • Park (must back in), put on your mask and remain in the car.
  • Have your ID ready.
  • A staff member will come around to check it before releasing your camper.
  • After signing your camper out, a staff member will assist them in loading their luggage. They will be given their photo packet and any medications. At this point they can load into your vehicle.
  • Wait until directed by a staff member to head out.
  • If a camper has not been picked up within approximately 20 minutes of the designated time, camp staff will attempt to contact the parents or emergency contact listed on the health form.

If you have an emergency and are not able to pick up your camper, contact the GSNorCal office at 1-800-447- 4475 ext. 2091 during regular business days and hours (M– F 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM). If the emergency is NOT during regular business hours, call our emergency line at 1-877- 636-1912.