Camp Sugar Pine

Home to high adventure and beloved camp traditions!

Arnold, California

Summer Phone Number: 209-795-1253

Member Services: 800-447-4475 or (M–F, 9–5)

Hidden away in the enchanting forests of Calaveras County’s Sierra Foothills, Sugar Pine has been a magical getaway to generations of campers for over 75 years. From the camp's sparkling swimming pool and monumental adventure tower to the property's neighboring Alpine lakes and Mercer Caverns, Sugar Pine is the hub for high adventure activities with deep traditions that keep girls coming year after year.

Looking to contact your camper while she's away? Our mailing address and emergency contact phone numbers are located in your camper packet.

Some of Sugar Pine's summer attractions include:

  • High & Low Ropes Courses
  • Swimming
  • Archery
  • Wilderness Skills
  • Boating
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Backcountry Tripping
  • Alpine Lakes Trips
  • Ceramics
  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding
  • Creek Stomping
  • Horseback Riding
  • Outdoor Cooking
  • Teambuilding

Sugar Pine's Core Program is "Sierra Summer Magic"

Are you ready for adventure, laughter, and the trail-less-traveled? Cross all your favorites off your camp bucket list with Camp Sugar Pine’s outdoor adventure and camp program. Get creative with crafts and cookouts, try horseback riding, archery, high ropes, and splash in the pool. When the sun sets, go on night hikes, try stargazing, and enjoy campfires and laughter with friends. You could even venture out for a field trip or two-- the mountains are calling you!

  • Skippers: 2-3 Grade
  • Elfins: 4-5 Grade
  • Checkerspots: 6-8 Grade
  • Bluewings: 9 - 12 Grade

Specialty programs may also be available. Learn more by reading the 2022 Camp Guide.

Camp Sugar Pine has two types of outdoor living accommodations:

  • Cabins are uninsulated, outdoor buildings with bunk beds.
  • Covered Wagons are large, stationary wagons with a wooden base and a canvas roof. They have bunk beds inside.

Kim Connon - "Hollywood"

Director of Camp Sugar Pine


Hometown: Taunton, MA

Her Camp Cred: This is my 15th summer working in camp! I spent several years directing and overseeing Girl Scout Camps in Massachusetts, and have been fortunate to experience working with other fantastic organizations as well. I’m so excited to spend my summers in the Sierra Nevada foothills embracing the magic of Camp Sugar Pine.

Why She's Excited for Camp: I love everything about camp, especially cookouts, swimming, and all-camp games. Most of all, I love that camp is a place where girls develop their voice and compassion, and that camp is a supportive and exciting place that facilitates growth, friendship, and laughter. I believe that the community aspect of camp is one of the most valuable parts of the experience, and I am looking forward to seeing all the good it does for girls this summer.

Transportation is provided to or from Sugar Pine, and most campers arrive to camp on the bus. You are welcome to drop your camper off at camp, but keep in mind it is generally at 3+ hour drive from the Bay Area. Very few campers elect not to take the bus to camp.

Bus stops are in San Jose, Pleasanton, and Alameda weekly, plus stops in Chico and Elk Grove during sessions 2 (two weeks) and 3C (one week). Drop off times vary between 10am-11am, and pick-up times vary between 4-5pm.


You will be asked to arrive 30+ minutes before the bus is scheduled to leave to allow time to check in. A staff member will meet you in the parking lot by the bus. Put on a face mask before you meet them.

  • Turn in any medications & waivers needed for your camper directly to the bus monitor.
  • Stand by for a health check-- your camper will have their temperature taken and will be checked for lice.
  • Help your camper to load their luggage into the bus.
  • Sign off on emergency contact info.
  • Your camper will say goodbye and enter the bus.
  • You can give the bus monitor any mail you would like to be delivered during her stay.

The first meal served at camp will be dinner on the first day, so please make sure your camper(s) has a packed lunch to eat on the bus.


When the bus arrives at the bus stop, you will:

  • Have your ID ready. A staff member will check it before releasing your camper.
  • After signing your camper out, you can help them with their luggage.
  • You will be given your camper's photo packet and any medications.
  • If a camper has not been picked up within approximately 20 minutes of the designated time, camp staff will attempt to contact the parents or emergency contact listed on the health form.

Please note the bus sometimes runs late on drop-off days due to traffic.

If you have an emergency and are not able to pick up your camper, contact the GSNorCal office at 1-800-447- 4475 ext. 2091 during regular business days and hours (M– F 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM). If the emergency is NOT during regular business hours, call our emergency line at 1-877- 636-1912.

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