2023 Camp Registration opens in late January! Check back mid-December for dates and details.

Work at Camp

Be part of something good.

Our staff are the heart and soul of camp. As a member of our team, you’ll work to create a supportive environment for children where they feel safe to explore and grow.

Our team cares about:

  • Nature and the outdoors
  • Building inclusive, supportive spaces
  • Caring, courageous leadership
  • Impactful youth development
  • Treasured friendships

Kids (and all of us) need nature now more than ever. Join our team to be part of a classic summer camp experience, featuring activities like archery, swimming, kayaking, environmental education, high ropes course, outdoor cooking, and more. Throughout all these activities, our main focus is building positive relationships with campers as they learn and grow together.

Email us at campjobs@gsnorcal.org with questions!

All three of our camps offer incredible opportunities to gain leadership skills, make new friends, and explore the outdoors. They each have their own unique vibe and differ somewhat in the activities they offer. Deciding which camp to work at should be about which camp feels like the right fit for you.

Camp Bothin offers dorm-style living in some cool historic buildings. It is located just over the Golden Gate Bridge, and is close to a charming, busy little town. Bothin is a creative, welcoming space that tends to attract artists, explorers, performers, tinkers, and happy first-time campers.

Camp Hidden Falls is our most rustic camp, where campers and staff live in classic campsites. Surrounded by giant California Redwoods, Hidden Falls is a sweet forest camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains. With its giant trees and sparkling waterfalls, this camp is a secluded escape for nature lovers and camping fanatics.

Camp Sugar Pine is a truly traditional camp experience. Tucked between tall pines at the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, Sugar Pine features classic camp activities like high ropes, boating, horseback riding, and ceramics. This camp is all about adventure and fun, and is a sanctuary for campers and staff who call it their home-away-from-home.

  • Make a difference in the lives of children. Our staff are our campers’ heroes. You’ll be the one who builds them up, encourages them to be their best self, and helps them love themselves, their friends, and the world around them.
  • Build a community that is supportive and validating. We care about a better world. Camp is a community that welcomes all, supports all, and works together to help all of us to be our best. As a member of camp staff, you’ll help build that place for campers and for one another, where we can be our truest selves and make the world a better place.
  • Create connections and life-long friendships. There are no friends like camp friends. Just as our campers forge valuable connections, you will too! Your co-counselors will become your closest friends, biggest cheerleaders, and most trusted confidants. You'll leave camp with amazing friends from all around the world.
  • Learn life-long skills like problem-solving and communication. You’ll receive a comprehensive staff training and ongoing professional development all summer long. You’ll learn how to teach children, how to resolve conflicts, how to communicate with teammates, and how to adapt and respond to changes. You’ll also come away with new mentors from the leadership team, who will support and encourage you during and after camp.
  • Get what you give. While your focus will be on creating incredible experience for campers, this is a job that loves you back. You’ll leave having had an amazing summer, making incredible friends, learning about yourself, trying new things, and exploring the outdoors.
  • Be the change. Girl Scouts is dedicated to building girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place. Join an organization that is committed to anti-racism, LGBTQ+ affirmation, economic equality, disability and health inclusion, environmental equity, and empowering girls and women.
  • GSNorCal’s pay rates for seasonal camp staff exceed the national average by a significant margin. Our summer salaries begin at $100/day, and increase based on skills, experience, and position. *note that pay is different for International staff attending camp through an agency
  • Meals and lodging for on-site staff are provided all summer, including weekends.
  • We offer 1-2-weeks of paid staff training designed to prepare you for your summer role and to support your personal and professional growth.
  • Staff outings and social activities are offered each weekend. Transportation is available for staff without access to vehicles during the summer.
  • Salary increase incentives are available for early sign-on and season completion.
  • Travel assistance is available for staff who temporarily relocate to work at our programs.
  • Opportunities are available to participate in certification courses such as archery, lifeguarding, first aid and cpr, mental health first aid, and more.

All of our camps offer a classic, un-plugged experience. Accommodations vary by camp.

  • Camp Bothin has a variety of indoor and outdoor accommodations. Most campers live in dorms, which are insulated, year-round, indoor sleeping spaces with bunk beds. Dorms have bathrooms on each floor. Some groups live in classic camp units with cabins and a central bathhouse.
  • The Hidden Falls living experience is akin to camping at a campsite. You can choose to sleep in a hammock, tree bed, or pitched tent. All campsites have a shelter and a bathrooms, as well as picnic tables and camp cooking areas.
  • Sugar Pine units are made up of cabins or covered wagons. Each cabin has bunks with mattresses and screen-in windows. Each unit (group of 5 cabins) has a large central bathhouse with electricity, toilets, and showers.

At all of our camps, staff live in separate cabins or rooms within hearing distance of campers. You will be responsible for supervising your camper group, but will have a separate living space with adults only.

All of our camps have an on-site staff house, which you may make use of during your time off. Staff houses generally include internet access, a television, and a small kitchen to prepare a snack if you’d like.

Working at summer camp is fast-paced and different than a typical job. You live on site, and in a lot of respects are “on” all day long. We ensure that all staff receive time off daily and weekly.

  • “Twos”. All on-site staff get 2 hours off each day. During this time you’ll have access to the staff house, as well as other outdoor quiet spaces around camp. We encourage staff to use their time off as self care and as a time to connect with family or friends outside of camp.
  • Night off: Once a week, you’ll receive 6pm-12am off. You can use this time for self-care, to socialize with camp friends, or even to briefly leave camp for an errand or something to eat.
  • Weekends: Staff have the weekends in-between program off. This is generally Friday at 3pm through Sunday at 10am. Staff outings or activities are typically planned for Saturdays, with transportation available for international staff or staff without cars at camp.

International Staff

Camp is staffed by incredible youth development professionals from around the world. International staff add to the cultural learning opportunities at camp and broaden our campers' view of the world. They are a key part of our camp community and we are fortunate to work with several agencies to welcome these staff members to our camps.

Interested international applicants should email us at campjobs@gsnorcal.org for information on how to partner with an agency to become part of our summer team.