2023 Camp Registration opens in late January! Check back mid-December for dates and details.

Specialty Programs

A few of our programs offer a deep-dive into specific activities like woodworking, theatre, or backpacking.

Specialty programs are primarily offered to grades 6-12 and vary in topic each week. Capacities are lower than in the traditional program.

Performing Arts

Specialty Programs at Camp Bothin

Off Broadway: It’s showtime! From auditions to the final bow, your group will put on a complete musical production. Participate in daily rehearsals, design sets, create costumes, and learn about all aspects of a Broadway show and stage work. At the end of your session, present your production to the whole camp! Parents and friends are welcome to attend and join you for a special cast party.

Exploration Station

Specialty Programs at Camp Hidden Falls

Woodworkers: Spend lots of time in the woodshop! Learn how to use different tools from hammers to drills. Then design and build your very own game to take home. Outside of the woodshop learn how to lash then take on a design challenge to test your new skills.

Exploration Station: Day Trippers: Experience what camp and the coast has to offer! Plan a few day trips and travel out of camp for new adventures. Explore tide pools, see local wildlife, and learn about how to protect our oceans. In the art center, make something inspired by your trips.

Exploration Station: Hikers: Learn about the 10 essentials and how to practice Leave No Trace. Then, plan a day trip to a local hiking trails and explore the trails in camp. Even go on a night hike! Recover from your hikes with yoga and a refreshing swim in the falls.

Alpine Adventures

Specialty Programs at Camp Sugar Pine

Day Trippers: Explore all the Sierra Nevada foothills have to offer during exciting day trips! Visit caverns, alpine lakes, and see the forest canopy by zipline. Back at camp, you’ll cook over the campfire, splash in the pool, and sleep under the stars.

Paddlers: Launch into a water-packed, action-filled two-weeks! You’ll cultivate your canoe skills and try your hand at kayaking, kick it up a notch with an exciting rafting trip, all before embarking on a back-country overnight canoe experience. Spend time on dry land enjoying all camp has to offer too!

Equestrians: Take the reins at Camp Sugar Pine! It is time for a week of horseback riding fun at camp. Whether you’ve never ridden or you’re looking to refine your skills, this is the perfect session for the horse lover. You’ll enjoy all of your favorite parts of camp along with regular riding lessons. Emphasis is placed on arena instruction, trail riding, and equine care. You’ll even explore Yosemite National Park by horseback!

Backpackers: Get ready to hit the trails! Spend the first two weeks of the session building your hiking skills and endurance. Learn to cook with camp stoves, pack your hiking backpack, and plan your trip. Later in the session, head out on a multi-day backpacking trip in the beautiful Sierra Nevadas. Push your limits as you spend your nights camped out under the stars, and perfect your outdoor skills and backcountry etiquette. Campers should be able to carry a 30-pound pack and bring broken-in hiking boots.