Financial Aid

Any girl who is a registered Girl Scout living in one of the 19 GSNorCal counties is eligible to receive financial aid for 1 session of camp per year!

We know a lot has happened in the last year and that it has affected all of us differently. Family finances should never be an issue when it comes to participation in Girl Scout programming, and we're happy to offer Financial Aid to our GS NorCal members who need it!

  1. Register for camp and pay your deposit.

    Register for camp online. You'll need a credit card and at least a $150 deposit for each girl-only session and/or a $50 deposit per person for family camp programs.

    We require a $150 deposit to hold your camp spot while we process your application for financial aid.

    If you submit the $150 deposit and we do not award the full amount of financial aid that you requested, you may cancel your camp reservation and request the return of your deposit. Your refund request must be submitted in writing by August 31 to

  2. Complete the financial aid questions during registration.

    To make things easier, we have built the Financial Aid request into our registration process and no longer accept physical forms. If you need Financial Aid to help pay for your camp session, please check "yes" while registering through Doubleknot. All you need to do from there is answer a few questions in the space provided, and pay the $150 deposit to secure your spot in the session. That's it!

  3. Prepare for camp!

    We will notify you of the financial aid amount you have been approved for in 5-7 business days, and will send out an updated invoice when applicable.

    Note: If your selected camp session is full and no alternative can be found, or if the financial aid amount requested is not sufficient for your needs, the total amount paid will be refunded.

    While you wait, it's time to prepare for camp!