Camp & Outdoor Training for Adults

Girl Scouts of Northern California offers a variety of training opportunities for you to prepare for a safe and fun outdoor experience with your Girl Scouts. Before venturing outdoors, volunteers are required to have the knowledge and experience to lead a safe and positive camping experience. Our adult training offerings correspond with the progression of outdoor experiences you'll be having with your troops. Our volunteers come to GSNorCal with various levels of camping experience; no matter what your camping comfort-level is, we have training offerings to meet your needs.

If you have interest in getting your troop outdoors, at least one registered adult must take the required modules on the Volunteer Learning Portal (VLP). Please refer to the Trip and Outdoor Learning Matrix to see what modules are required for your outdoor activity. Stay up-to-date with adult enrichment opportunities offered through the Outdoor Program team at GSNorCal using our Events Calendar

  • ​Minimum Training Requirements:

    In order to take your troop camping, you must complete the appropriate online modules:

    • For camping trips where your group will sleep and eat indoors (ex. in a lodge), at least one adult must complete the Trip & Outdoor Basics, Sleep-In, and Cook In modules.
    • For any outing where your group will make a campfire, at least one adult must complete the Trip & Outdoor Basics, Campfire, and Cook-in modules.
    • For camping trips where your group will sleep and eat outdoors, (ex. at a GSNorCal or State Park campsite) at least one adult must complete the Trip & Outdoor Basics, Campfire, Sleep Out, and Cook Out modules and the Camp Out Training Assessment.

    For more details on these modules, you can review the descriptions below. Be sure to check out the

    the Trip and Outdoor Learning Matrix too.

  • Optional Supplemental Trainings

    To find and register for optional trainings, visit

    • In-Person Camp-Out Trainings will continue to be offered by our Camp-Out Trainers. We recommend taking this training if you have little or no camping experience. You will still need to take the online modules; this course only takes the place of the Camp Out Training Assessment.
    • In-Person Outdoor Enrichment Programs will be offered on a monthly basis. These programs are recommend for adults who have taken the online courses, but would like some additional practice and hands-on training. Enrichment Programs do not take the place of any of the modules or the Camp Out Training Assessment, and they are not required. They are offered to increase your comfort level when leading your girls in the outdoors.

Training Module Details

Safety-Wise is a required prerequisite to all the travel, cooking, and camping courses.

Other pre-requisites you'll see along your training journey are: Girl Scout First Aider, Troop Driver: Transporting Girls, and Girl Scout Program.

This module will prepare you to take girls on local field trips or day trips and is a prerequisite to all other trip and outdoor courses. Learn about the importance of trips and outdoor experiences, progression, readiness, how to plan and budget for trips with girls, trip safety, and group management.

These modules will prepare you to teach girls to safely cook and sleep indoors! With Cook In, you'll learn how to teach girls to plan, budget, shop, and prepare their own meal indoors using a variety of indoor cooking methods, as well as knife and food safety.

And after completing Sleep In, you'll feel prepared to conquer your first indoor sleepover! We'll show you how to work with girls to plan, make arrangements, prepare, and pack for an indoor overnight adventure in a house, hotel, motel, hostel.

This course will prepare you to teach girls to safely build, manage, and extinguish a campfire. Learn teaching techniques that you can use to demonstrate and teach girls how to safely learn and practice campfire skills and how to roast marshmallows safely.

During your Cook Out training, you’ll learn essential outdoor cooking skills including fire building methods, charcoal and camp stove cooking, outdoor dishwashing and sanitation methods, and Leave No Trace Principles that will have you enjoying safe outdoor meals with your girls in no time!

In Sleep Out, you'll build on the skills from the Sleep In training and learn the fundamentals of sleeping outdoors, sleeping bags, and campsite setup in preparation for your troop camping adventure.

In order to complete your camping training, you will need to complete a Training Assessment. You can complete this requirement in one of two ways:

1. Pass an online test-syle assessment.


2. Attend an in-person training course.

The Regional Travel course is required before Junior and older troops can plan and prepare for a regional trip for up to 4 nights in nearby states (California, Oregon, and Nevada) sleeping in hotels, motels, or hostels. If you will be cooking, camping, or backpacking, at least one adult must also take the additional required courses for these activities. Girls should have experienced local travel and overnights before taking longer regional trips.

The in-person Extended Travel course is required before Cadette and older troops plan an extended overnight trip of 5 or more nights (national or international) with girls. If you will be cooking, camping out or backpacking, at least one adult must also take the additional required courses for these activities. It is offered yearly at Discoveree, and is in the process of being converted into an online training.

Are your Girl Scouts feeling adventurous and wanting to explore the great outdoors? Learn all you need to know to lead your girls on a backpacking experience of a lifetime. You must complete all the prerequisites and the Backpacking course to become a certified adult troop backpacker.

This is an in-person course, and is currently on "hold" due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on GSNorCal's resources. We are currently developing an online offering. If you need this course to take your troop on a trip, please email us for assistance.

Ready to plan your next adventure?